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Vat of Fat

Explaining how excess calorie intake translates into weight gain is simplified with this graphic and informative display. The plastic jar contains approx 450g of gooey simulated fat, which represents the amount of weight a person would gain in 1 week if he or she consumed an extra 500 calories each day. Information on the back of the jar shows how much weight a person could gain in 1 year as a result of getting extra calories. 
For up-to-date information on fat/saturated fat, sugar and salt please go to: NHS Choices Website

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Two-part model of the heart, showing chambers, valves, arteries and veins.

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Consequences of High Blood Pressure 3D Display

Life-size, 3D hand-painted models illustrate the various organs that can be affected by high blood pressure. Great for health fairs and health-education promotions. Contained in its own sturdy carrying case.

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Death of an Artery

The five hand-painted artery cross-sections show patients and students the various stages of plaque buildup. The interior size of each vessel diminishes, making it easy to explain a process that can eventually result in dealth.

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